Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012

Super Bowl 46 is over and the NY Giants triumphed over the New England Patriots. As usual, most people were more excited for the commercials and half-time show than the game itself. My Patriots didn’t pull through like I hoped but at least Madonna had a good half-time show and the commercials were decent. Below you’ll find the top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012 according to me.

M&M Stripping to LMFAO

I’ve always been a huge fan of the M&M commercials. Mix that with a little LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I know it’, and you get gold!

Honda CRV – Ferris Bueller

I hope I’m not being too forward in saying this but this had to be the best commercial that came out of the Super Bowl. Matthew Broderick reprises his role has Ferris Bueller and takes a day off from acting.

Acura NSX – Seinfeld vs. Leno

Jerry Seinfeld just has to be the first to own the ┬ánew Acura NSX. Unfortunately the car is so hot that there’s a line for them and he’s position 2. In hopes of convincing #1 to hand it over, he runs into his arch nemesis, Jay Leno.

Doritos Slingshot Baby

Every year Doritos puts on a contest called ‘Crash the Super Bowl’. The winner gets their commercial shown during the Super Bowl as well as one million dollars. This was the winner:

Bud Light – Here We Go Dog

I normally wouldn’t promote Bud Light since their beer taste like water, but their commercials never fail. This commercial features a dog that fetches beer on command.

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