Christmas Movies Coming to Netflix in 2021

A Boy Called Christmas

Based on the novel by Matt Haig, A Boy Called Christmas tells the tale of a young boy named Nikolas, and his magical Christmas adventure.

releasing in november 2021

A Castle for Christmas

Famous American author Sophie travels to Scotland, and while on vacation she discovers a beautiful castle that she wants to buy. However, the prickly owner of the castle, the Scottish Duke named Myles is extremely reluctant to sell his beautiful home to a foreigner.

releasing in november 2021

The Princess Switch 3

When a priceless relic is stolen, Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy enlist the help of Margaret’s cousin Fiona teams with a man from her past to retrieve it, with romance and resulting in a very unexpected switch.

releasing in november 2021

robin robin

When the egg of a robin lands in the home of mice, she is adopted into the family. But when she becomes a hindrance to the mice’s sneaky antics, she sets off on a daring journey of self-discovery

releasing in november 2021

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

Shaun’s seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings for the Flock inadvertently leads to the disappearance of his cousin Timmy.

releasing in december 2021

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