Essential Glassware Every Bar Needs

Part 2 'Everything Else'

“Will there be any bartenders up there in Heaven, will the pubs never close?”

- Richard Thompson

Martini Glass


Martini glasses are used for drinks between 3 and 6 ounces that are most often served "up" without ice.

Coup Glass


Coupe glasses are stemmed, and typically defined by their broad, shallow saucer. They're exclusively used for serving “up” drinks.

Margarita Glass


The margarita glass is used primarily for serving margaritas. The double-bowl is a fun and distinctive shape that works particularly well for frozen margaritas. 

Champagne Glasses


A Champagne glass is a form of stemware designed specifically to enhance the drinking of champagne.

Snifter Glasses


Snifters are a type of glass made for aged spirits like brandy and whiskey. They have a bowl-like appearance with a short stem, a large bottom, and a narrow mouth.

Mule Glasses


The Moscow mule is popularly served in a copper mug, which takes on the cold temperature of the liquid.

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Essential Glassware Every Bar Needs