Brighterly – Simple Online Math Learning for Kids

Many people dread math because it comprises alphanumerics, shapes, and symbols. Fortunately, the edtech industry has taken a turn to provide online classes that can catch kids’ attention.

But, with the plethora of math websites, how can you choose the right one? Keep reading about how Brighterly simplifies the online math learning process.

The tutors work according to each kid’s schedule

Brighterly is an online math learning website for kids with professionals who give children only the best learning experiences. The instructors at Brighterly understand emergencies are bound to happen, so the learning time is flexible.

Even if your child has had a rough day at school, you can reschedule the timing with your Brighterly tutor. Likewise, learning times are flexible to meet a kid’s needs while allowing them ample time to rest.

Learning involves games and fun materials

The conventional way of learning math requires a kid to sit in a particular spot while instructors are teaching. In addition, playing during the learning process was considered to distract a child. Today, the brains behind Brighterly online math classes for kids have figured out how to make playing benefit the learning process.

The platform’s tutors use colorful worksheets to catch kids’ attention for extended periods. During play-learning, the tutors introduce math concepts by infusing them into the games to make learning fun. Brighterly is not just relegated to online games; the tutors recommend delightful offline activities like hopscotch math.

The tutors use placement tests to gauge math knowledge

Brighterly’s tutors understand that kids learn differently and often need a more personalized approach to learning. Thus, students write a placement test that allows tutors to ascertain a kid’s math level. In addition, the professionals understand that even if a child is in Grade 2, there is no guarantee that they are proficient in second-grade math.

After the test, the online math tutor for kids knows and works with the child’s math knowledge level. They understand that kids learn differently, so they use different learning methods from their rich professional expertise to give kids only the best learning experience.

Brighterly allows kids to work at their own pace

In conventional classrooms, every kid needs to work according to the standard educational curriculum. There are weeks for different math topics, so even when some kids don’t catch up, they still need to move on to the next concept.

This approach can damage kids as they could have weak math foundations and lack in-depth knowledge of important math topics. With time, they get confused and develop math anxiety. Brighterly simplifies math as kids spend all the time they need on learning one concept before moving on to another one.


Brighterly is an online math platform that has come to bridge the gap between students and fun learning by incorporating games and worksheets with engaging hands-on activities into everyday learning. The instructors work according to the kids’ schedules, use placement tests to gauge their knowledge, and allow them to work at their own pace.

Indeed, Brighterly’s tutors has brought their A-game in a quest to simplify online math learning for kids.

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