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Mamitas Tequila Seltzer new flavors

Mamitas Tequila Seltzer Drops Brand New Flavors

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Mamitas Hard Seltzer has just dropped two new flavors: Mamitas Spicy Marg and Mamitas Tequila Sunrise. Like the Paloma, Mango, Lime, and Pineapple flavors, the Spicy Marg and Tequila Sunrise are all made with real Tequila, gluten-free, with less than 1.5G of sugar, and only 95 calories per can.

Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has just announced their latest innovation, the Bulleit Crafted Cocktails series, available in two timeless recipes that are close to my heart—Bulleit Manhattan and Bulleit Old Fashioned.

Gancia wine pairings for the holidays

Holiday Wine Pairings from Gancia

I recently had the chance to taste a few Gancia wines and I have to say, they were delicious. They’re perfect for holiday sipping because of their crispness and light flavor profile. You know, because you have to offset all the tasty, heavy foods you’ll be eating.