It is of utmost importance that you know your rights in order to protect them. This applies to everything, even to involvement in vehicular accidents, especially if you are the victim.

When someone gets involved in a car crash, they often get so caught up in the chaos of the situation that they forget their rights, jeopardizing their likelihood of getting the compensation they deserve.

If you ever become the victim of a car crash, the following list are your legal rights that you must exercise and protect.

The Right to Compensation

If you ever become the victim of a car crash, it is your right to be compensated for any and all injuries, pain, disabilities, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, hospitalization, damage to property, and more. These things may change your life dramatically, and for all the changes and difficulties it may bring to your life, you deserve to be compensated.

In addition to that, not only do you have the right to be compensated for any physical injuries or damages, but also for any emotional and mental trauma resulting from the car crash as well. These “unseen injuries” have consequences that may last for a lifetime, affecting the quality of life of victims.

The Right to Seek and Use Legal Help

In the chaos surrounding a car crash, one of the rights that victims neglect is their right to seek and use legal help. Having an attorney to assist you in any and all legal matters that may arise from the car crash is guaranteed to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

A common consideration that holds back car crash victims from hiring an attorney is its perceived prohibitive cost. This perception leads to victims trying to “fix” things on their own, which, more often than not, leads to their rights being compromised, proper compensation not being received, and justice not being served.

If a victim tries to do things on their own, the nuances of the law may be lost on them, and such efforts may end up costing them even more. It will also take up a huge chunk of their time, as well as head space. All things considered, they lose more from not hiring an attorney than if they did.

Competent attorneys such as Chaffin Luhana are important in ensuring that your legal rights as a car crash victim are respected to the letter.

The Right Not to Provide a Statement

After the car crash, expect that the insurance company of the other party will come calling. They will be asking you to provide an official statement, written or recorded, to help process the claim. It is your right not to provide one, and let your attorney handle it instead.

They will tell you that not providing a statement will delay the processing of your claim. It is important to recognize that any delay is better than making an official statement that may compromise your position.

You must always consult your attorney before releasing any statements, as they may use whatever you say against you – insurance companies are hoping to put some of the blame on you, so they don’t have to give as much compensation as they should.


We hope that you never get to experience the harrowing reality of being a car crash victim. But, on the off chance that you do, you must ensure that your legal rights are protected and respected to the letter, and the most important step to protecting your legal rights as a car crash victim is to hire an attorney.

Have you ever been a victim of a car crash? Do you have any thoughts regarding your legal rights as a car crash victim? Would you consider hiring an attorney to safeguard your legal rights in case you ever become one? Share it in the comments.