If Designer Brands Made Groceries

Israeli artist Peddy Mergui has created a series called “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat”, where he takes everyday grocery items and reimagines how designer brands would make them. Each grocery item matches the brand’s design aesthetic almost too perfectly — Apple branded milk, stripped down to show just the bare essentials in true Apple fashion; Versace branded eggs, sporting the Versace matte black outer later; and Louis Vuitton Salami, meat wrapped with the Louis Vuitton print just like we have on our car seats… SIKE! Peddy Mergui’s series can be seen now at San Francisco’s Museum of Craft and Design, or by visiting his website.

Burberry Ramen Noodles by Peddy Mergui

Bvlgari Butter by Peddy Mergui

Cartier Coffee by Peddy Mergui

Chanel Baby Formula by Peddy Mergui

Dolce & Gabbana Biscuits by Peddy Mergui

Versace Eggs by Peddy Mergui

Ferrari Pasta by Peddy Mergui

Gucci Pickles by Peddy Mergui

Hermes Salt and Pepper by Peddy Mergui

HSBS Basmati White Rice by Peddy Mergui

Nike Fruit by Peddy Mergui

Prada Flour by Peddy Mergui

Salami Louis Vuitton by Peddy Mergui

Tiffany & Co. Yogurt by Peddy Mergui

United Colors of Benetton Olive Oil by Peddy Mergui

Scouted by: Mel

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