The folks at INEOS have graciously shipped over their Grenadier 4×4 to tease its 2023 arrival as well as introduce to a small group of journalists their new North American SVP.

The INEOS Grenadier 4×4 is what you get when you combine a chemical engineer, adventurer, lover of the original Land Rover Defender, and a billion-dollar company backing your ideas.

Last month, I flew down to Virginia to learn all about the INEOS Grenadier and its plans to enter the North American market. It was my first press trip since being fully vaccinated and one I desperately needed.

The trip began and ended at the Lost Whiskey Club location in Fairfax, Virginia, a 1920s style speakeasy club just 45 minutes from my hotel.

Lost Whiskey Club - Fairfax, Virginia
Lost Whiskey Club x Grenadier event

This whirlwind 24-hour press trip in Virginia consisted of an intimate steak dinner, whiskey tasting, and a first look at the INEOS Grenadier 4×4. The latter put together the special evening with the help of Commonwealth Classics and the GreenSpur Inc.

Lost Whiskey Distillery Mule Cocktail
Lost Whiskey Distillery Mule Cocktail

Charcuterie at Lost Whiskey Club dinner Food at the Lost Whiskey Club dinner

First Up: Who is INEOS?

I had no idea who INEOS was myself until I received the invitation and did a little research. INEOS is a global chemical company that produces consumer, industry, and sports-related products found around the world. You might already use some of their products like I do and not even realize it. Jim Ratcliffe, a former chemical engineer, founded INEOS in 1998.

So Why the INEOS Grenadier 4×4?

Back in 2017, Ratcliffe, both an adventurer and car enthusiast, set out to enter the automotive market by creating a reliable 4×4 that was engineered for modern-day needs. He has always had an affinity for the Land Rover Defender and hoped to combine the rugged British spirit with German engineering. Through this idea and Ratcliffe’s passion, INEOS Automotive Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality with a fresh perspective of 4×4 development and manufacturing.

INEOS Grenadier 4x4
Scott Brady checking out the INEOS Grenadier 4×4

INEOS Grenadier 4x4 SUV

When will the INEOS Grenadier 4×4 be available?

Production of the Grenadier 4×4 is expected to start sometime in July 2022. Originally, INEOS planned to begin in late 2021 after the purchase of the Hambach production site, the former factory for Mercedes-Benz, but delays in production occurred due to the pandemic. After speaking with their team at Lost Whiskey Club, it seems as though North America can expect to see the Grenadier 4×4 hit the roads sometime mid-2023.

According to the founder himself, the prototypes have gone through rigorous testing around the world and have made great progress.

“We’ve made great strides since the very early versions of the Grenadier I drove a year ago. The Schockl is a proper challenge for any 4×4. today was a real test for our prototypes, and they came through very well. There is still work to do, but I am confident that the Grenadier will do the job we have developed it for.”

– Sir Jim Ratcliffe

What’s Inside the Grenadier 4×4

Unfortunately, this prototype wasn’t interior-ready, so we didn’t get a good look inside. However, I can tell you what to expect as far as the INEOS Grenadier engine goes. The Grenadier will be powered by a BMW TwinPower Turbo inline-six-cylinder engine that will surely power you through any type of terrain you encounter. Pair close to 300 horsepower with loads of torque and you have a solid engine ready to purr. Overseas models will have the choice of a diesel option, while all locations selling the Grenadier will be without hybrid or all-electric versions. Though this is a sad reality in our current climate, I can only assume future owners of the Grenadier won’t have the 4×4 as their only vehicle

How much is the INEOS Grenadier?

Full transparency, I have no idea. We weren’t given actual numbers during the first look, however, I did hear it will be priced competitively alongside the likes of Ford Broncos and Jeep Wranglers, so let’s say around $60,000? That’s a pretty stellar price for this unique vehicle if you ask me.

I’m eager to get behind the wheel of the INEOS Grenadier when it officially touches down on the US in its final form. Now that I’m living in the midwest, perhaps I can get a test drive during the wintertime when I can really take it off-roading. In the meantime, I wait patiently for photos of the final interior. Here’s to hoping it has some pretty sweet technology and handsome accents to compliment the bold exterior.

For more info on the INEOS Grenadier, head on over to INEOS Automotive Limited‘s site.