Michigan-based company Livaq is redefining the electric All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) landscape with its latest offering, the Equad. Touted as “the most capable electric ATV ever,” the Equad is set to make waves in the outdoor adventure market. What sets this electric beast apart is its impressive powertrain, featuring a pair of 16 kW hub motors that propel the ATV to a top speed of 67 MPH. This is not just about speed though; it’s about sustainability and efficiency.

The 1,010-pound Equad boasts a remarkable range of 170 miles, thanks to its robust 15.4 kWh battery pack. This isn’t just any battery pack – it charges using cutting-edge wireless technology, making it a breeze to power up at home. But power is nothing without control, and the Equad excels here too. Its independent front and four-link rear suspension offer agile handling, a necessity for the unpredictable terrains ATVs often encounter. Add to that the hydraulic brakes, and you have a vehicle that is as safe as it is thrilling to ride.

Livaq Equad Electric ATV

Livaq Equad Electric ATV

The design of the Equad is equally noteworthy. It features bodywork made from repurposed carbon fiber, showcasing Livaq’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This is not just eco-friendly; it gives the Equad an angular, distinctive look that is sure to turn heads. This blend of style, power, and eco-consciousness makes the Equad a standout in the ATV market.

As of now, Livaq is accepting preorders for the Equad, offering a tempting 30% discount on a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. This move is sure to attract outdoor enthusiasts and eco-minded adventurers looking for the next big thing in electric mobility. With its combination of high performance, innovative technology, and sustainable design, the Equad is poised to become a favorite among ATV aficionados.