Marina Petlay

Marina Petlay’s Summer Weekend

It upsets me to know Marina Petlay has existed on this Earth without me knowing it. How I’ve not seen her before beats me, I’m just thankful for the Internet for bringing us together.

Ashley Sky for Galore Mag

Wicked Game with Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky gets sand in places men can only dream of for the Bombshell issue of Galore Mag. The magazine founders Prince + Jacob had the pleasure of directing the beauty, while Jorge Teran had the difficult task of editing the video.

Alana Blanchard

Girl Obsession: Alana Blanchard

As a new member to the staff at Joe’s Daily, it was part of my initiation to contribute a sampling of my girl obsession. Do you happen to recall when you were young, and you had that girl that lived down the street?

Jessica Cook

Girl Obsession: Jessica Cook

When I feature someone for a Girl Obsession post I tend to look for a person I’ve recently become infatuated with. Usually I’ll discover them from TV, Movies, or even Instagram, but not this time.

Cara Delevingne by Terry Richardson

Cara Delevingne by Terry Richardson

Cara Delevingne is sort of an anomaly when it comes to the modeling world. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she has that goofy girl next door thing going for her that I simply can’t resist.

Hula Cam at Venice Beach

Remember that sexy hula hooping video I posted awhile back at Burning Man? Well the same folks that made that have just topped themselves with their latest hula adventure.