Amazon Echo in Kitchen

How Amazon Echo Helps Manage Your Finances

Handsfree devices are becoming a vital part of our daily life, and the Amazon Echo is at the forefront. I use mine everyday to create to-do lists, get news & weather updates, turn on lights and now, check my Capital One account.

GoPro Karma Drone Teaser Video

GoPro Teases Karma Drone in New Video

GoPro released a video shot from the POV of what we’re lead to believe is the Karma Drone. And if it is in fact the Karma being used in the shot, well, I’m eager to get my hands on one.

Powervision PowerEgg Drone

Powervision PowerEgg Drone

The PowerEgg from Powervision is one cool looking drone. Its shape is, well, an egg; hence its name. And because of its unique design, the PowerEgg…