BEZALEL Wireless Charging Accessories

iPhone Wireless Charging Accessories from BEZALEL

One of the most anticipated features of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 was unquestionably its wireless charging capabilities, with reactions falling on the usual opposing ends of the spectrum. Other smartphone brands have had wireless charging…

Vintage Typewriter

Here’s What I Would Do If I Had More Time

Do you ever wonder what you could accomplish in a day if you had more time? I think about this all too often. Just imagine if sleep wasn’t necessary and you could utilize the extra 6-8 hours a day to get more done. What would you do with the extra time?

Tile Mate, Fashion, and Sport Trackers

Giving the Gift of Finding With Tile

When you actually think about it, the amount of expensive items we carry on our person at any given time is pretty crazy. From smartphones and tablets to backpacks…

Sunu Echolocation Tech

Sunu Uses Echolocation to Help the Visually Impaired Navigate

We’ve all heard stories about extraordinary, visually impaired individuals that use echolocation via tongue clicks to navigate the world around them. Now, with the recent introduction of the Sunu band, it seems the method stands to take off—with a technological twist.

Casio GZE-1 Action Camera

Casio GZE-1 Action Camera

For those looking for a GoPro alternative, the Casio GZE-1 Action Camera might be what you were looking for, but you’ll have to wait.