Emilia Clarke Omaze contest

I’m sure we’d all like to think that, if the star of one of our favorite shows approached us IRL, we’d recognize them no matter what. However, as we seem to be shown time and time again, this is far from always being the case. In this latest iteration of “celebrity tricks people on the street”, Emilia Clarke dresses up as Jon Snow and moseys through NYC to talk GoT with fans and…non-fans, too.

While the video is fun enough to watch for its own sake (what video that features the charming Emilia Clarke and her ultra-expressive eyebrows isn’t?), there’s actually another totally worthwhile reason to watch: it’s also a contest promo for a chance to see the Game of Thrones series finale with Emilia with every entry supporting her charity, SameYou. That’s right, it’s a video you want to watch anyway, promoting an Omaze contest you want to win, ultimately helping young brain injury and stroke victims access neurorehabilitation.

So, yeah. Without further ado, here’s the video. And, when you’re done watching, be sure to visit Omaze’s website to enter for your chance to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke. (Hurry, only a couple of days left!)

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