Over the years, Old Spice has dominated the advertising world with their off the wall commercials. Many brands have tried mimic their style to no avail, while fans have asked to be hired by the Old Spice team.

Old Spice Twitter
Credit: @OldSpice Twitter

So who is behind all of the whacky Old Spice commercials? Let’s find out.

Old Spice Boardroom livestream

On Wednesday, August 15th at 6 p.m. EST, Old Spice is inviting the world into the Old Spice Boardroom to see how they brainstorm, and they’re doing it LIVE. Even better, YouTube is helping the event come to life by giving fans a very unique live experience by allowing them to control the Old Spice marketing department as they go through their monthly meeting agenda. The Old Spice Boardroom meeting will be powered by GoLive, a new custom tool that generates dynamic overlay graphics that will help integrate the voice of the audience into the show real-time.

I recommend you go over to the Old Spice YouTube channel and click that subscribe button so you know when they go live. I’m really looking forward to this one.