AMC’s The Walking Dead just outdid themselves with a gift they sent to our office. A crate-like rectangular box appeared with quite a bit of heft to it. Not knowing what it was, I immediately ripped it open to find TWD branding, a #MeetLucille hashtag and the date, 10.23.16 – The highly anticipated premiere date for Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead #MeetLucille Crate

Inside the crate was an actual replica of Negan’s Lucille; Barbwire and all. No wonder the crate was heavy. In addition to the bat, AMC included a GoPro HERO Session with a special attachment to hook to the bat. You know, so I can film my bat swings in first-person.

The Season 7 premiere is sure to be a, err, home run?

Excited for TWD to return? Tweet me (@JoesDaily) which one of Rick’s crew gets to #MeetLucille first.