Bacardí rum unveiled their first packaging update in more than a decade to celebrate their 153rd anniversary. Leaving their award-winning rum untouched, the packaging revamp is all-part of Bacardí’s re-launch and is a component of the ‘Bacardí: Untameable Since 1862’ campaign.

The campaign brings life to their rich history and craftsmanship of the Maestros de Ron Bacardí that goes into every bottle of Bacardí Rum. Each bottle includes a unique printers ornament, a short story from the Bacardí family’s history, and drink recipes on the back. As an added bonus, the paper labels are made from recycled cane fiber, a product result from rum making.

To ensure a perfect pour, the new bottles were designed with the help of some of the world’s leading bartenders. They’re taller, slimmer, and more cylindrical, with more pronounced shoulders similar to the classic bottle styles.