I drink a whole lot of coffee, but won’t pretend to know everything about it. For example, where does it come from and what exactly does its carbon footprint look like? Recently, I had the pleasure of learning about Marley Coffee and its founder’s mission.

Rohan Marley, son of famed reggae singer Bob Marley, said:

“My father used to say that one day he was going to stop playing music and just farm. I am the other side of my father, the completion of his dream to return to farming.”

Rohan prides Marley Coffee on its sustainability, and has continued to grow the brand by improving its carbon footprint with new innovations. Their ethically farmed and artisan-roasted premium coffee recently announced the first official retail shipment of their new recyclable EcoCup. It’s an easy-to-recycle single-serve capsule that’s made compatible with most Keurig K-Cup machines. There’s a good chance most of America already has a compatible machine in their homes.

Marley Coffee EcoCup

The EcoCup was made to address the ongoing concerns consumers had not having a recyclable option with single-serve capsules. Marley Coffee’s EcoCup provides the premium coffee everyone expects, just in a sustainable format. They were made in partnership with Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, and are the first brand to bring a sustainable coffee cup solution to the market.

Marley Coffee Taste Test

I hadn’t heard of Marley Coffee until the brand reached out to me and offered to send me a few samples — Buffalo Soldier, Simmer Down, Smile Jamaica, and more! It couldn’t have come at a better time since I just returned home from a trip to Negril, Jamaica with Visit Jamaica just a week prior. I learned quickly that Blue Mountain coffee was amazing and Jamaicans take their coffee seriously.

Trying Marley Coffee

My personal favorite of Marley Coffee has to be Buffalo Soldier. Its sweet, earthy blends pack a smoky, smooth flavor, while its rich undertones gives you a lingering dark chocolate and berry taste. Delicious!

“Marley Coffee was created to bring people together to share in our family’s values of love, passion and social responsibility,” said Rohan Marley, Founder of Marley Coffee. “Our recyclable EcoCup will provide consumers with a delicious, organic and sustainable coffee that is truly accessible. I am proud of the new packaging, which calls out both the recyclability of the capsules and also our sustainability initiative, the Water Wise Coffee Project. By supporting EcoCup, consumers are not only helping to reduce waste, but also contributing one cent of every single-serve capsule sold to improving water quality in regions affected by coffee production. We’re proud to bring this new sustainable solution to market, and are looking forward to the global impact that we can make in reducing waste.”

To help support the recyclable EcoCup movement, and try one of Marley Coffee’s delicious blends (or all of them), visit https://shop.marleycoffee.com. I recommend also checking out the Water Wise Coffee documentary.

This is a sponsored placement on behalf of Marley Coffee. While it is paid, you can rest assure I only accept sponsored campaigns with companies or products I would naturally write about.