Schick has created — in my opinion — the ultimate grooming device for men. The Schick Hydro® 5 Groomer is a 4-in-1 groomer that not only packs a razor, but an adjustable trimmer as well. I feel like I should be the mascot for the Hydro 5, seeing as I have a beard needing constant trimming and a head that sees a razor at least twice a week.

Schick Hydro 5 Trimmer #MakeItEpic

Schick Hydro 5 Battery Breakdown #MakeItEpic
The Schick Hydro® 5 takes one AAA battery.

Schick Hydro® 5: Trimmer

The trimmer portion of Schick Hydro® has three, easy to adjust settings. No longer will you have to juggle multiple attachments just to get your desired length. Simply move the attachment to which notch you want and start shaving. It’s that easy.

The Schick Hydro® 5 trimmer takes just one AAA battery to function, which comes supplied in the box. I imagine it will last you quite a few trimmings before having to change it out. I’m currently on my seventh use and haven’t felt any loss in power.

Hydro 5 Trimmer Attachment #MakeItEpic

Schick Hydro 5 Blade #MakeItEpic

Schick Hydro® 5: Razor

Schick Hydro® 5 is ergonomically designed to maintain stability and maneuverability while shaving. Whether you’re trimming your beard or shaving, it feels perfectly balanced in your hand.

To help give you the cleanest and softest skin possible, Schick Hydro® has five Ultra Glide® blades with Skin Guards that help reduce friction and reduce irritation. In addition, a gel reservoir was added to actively hydrate your skin through each shave.

As I said before, the Schick Hydro® 5 is the ultimate grooming device for men. For someone like me who travels a lot, having this packed in my suitcase is a must. Knowing I can trim and shave using just one device puts me at ease when packing for my next adventure.

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