Downsizing can be liberating as you will end up paying lower taxes, mortgage fees or rent and slash the cost of running a home. As many families worldwide look for downsizing options because of the high cost of living or running bigger homes, there are several things you ought to do to make the exercise fulfilling and less stressful. The most stressful part when moving into a smaller house is dealing with personal belongings. It’s not easy deciding what to keep or what to donate or throw away, but here are some tips that can help.

Get a Storage Facility

After evaluating what can fit or can’t fit into your home, the next step is to look for a storage facility where you can safely store your valuables for as long as you want. Understandably, parents usually don’t want to give away or sell family belongings but opt to keep them safely for their children until they have their own space to accommodate the stuff.
Check the storage options available at and choose an ideal one. You are assured of easy access to your valuables while high-security measures are in place to safeguard them. The spaces have pin access, 247 CCTV surveillance, alarm systems and restricted access measures in place.


You may accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, but most of it may have lost its value. Moving houses is a chance to declutter and only keep what is necessary. If you have clothes you’ve not worn in years, it’s time to give them away. Additionally, if you are still holding to appliances you no longer use or need, this is a perfect chance to donate or give them away.
It’s painful giving out dear possessions, but when you decide, do it from a clean heart. Don’t follow up on how the new owners will use the donations or attach any conditions.

Sell What You Can

Moving into a smaller space means that some of your furniture will not fit. You may have to dispose of your current furniture and buy smaller units. It’s also a chance to make some money from all the collections you no longer use. Technology has simplified life as you can advertise the items you want to sell online to attract more clients. It’s also quicker and more convenient.

Take Photos

Take photos of your home and all the belongings you have accumulated over the years before you start decluttering or downsizing. They are lovely memories you’ll want to keep around and even pass on to the next generation. Taking pictures also gives you a chance to go through your possessions and decide what you need to give away.

Keep What Makes You Happy

Everyone has possessions that have some sentimental value. Whatever makes you happy, keep it. If you don’t have enough space in your smaller home, look for a safe storage space to keep it until you find a suitable person to gift.

Letting go of possessions can be painful, but it’s a necessary step when downsizing. Start early and involve other family members in the exercise. After downsizing, you will be glad you went ahead with the decision. You will have a less cluttered home, fewer belongings to take care of and reduced bills.