Soma x Intelligentsia Coffee Kit

To achieve what coffee connoisseurs would consider great coffee, one would need quality beans and perfectly filtered water. Without the two, well, you might as well grab a cup at your local pancake house. Our friends at Soma partnered with Intelligentsia Coffee to create a limited edition coffee kit. Only 300 of these kits were made and are sold exclusively on Soma’s online store for $75 USD.

If you, or someone you know—cough, cough, Father’s Day— haven’t owned a Soma water filter carafe yet, this would be a great time to get one. Included in the Soma x Intelligentsia Coffee Kit is 1 Soma Carafe + filter, 12 oz. bag of Intelligentsia Soma Blend coffee, a customizable coffee mug with an erasable marker, and Intelligentsia + Soma’s guide to brewing better coffee.

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