The legalization of marijuana is a touchy subject for many Americans. There’s no middle ground on the issue: either you believe pot should be legalized, or you don’t. One site attempting to lead the fight for legalization is founder Will Paoletto says that the site was founded on one simple principle: people who fight for the legalization of cannabis should be eligible to win money. So, anyone who signs up to the site’s mailing list to spread the word about the benefits of marijuana legalization will be entered into a drawing to win a thousand dollars in cash. (sweepstakes ends on Jan. 15th)

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Washington and Colorado, and states like Alaska and Oregon will most likely vote to make cannabis legal this year. But only 58% of Americans support pot legalization according to most polls, and while that is a majority, in order for marijuana to be legal in all 50 states, the number probably needs to be higher. So head on over to and throw your email address into the ring. Whether you support their cause or not, there are literally a thousand reasons to visit the site.

Guest Post by: Addison Macintosh