A recent survey conducted by Gala Casino has discovered the truth about people’s lucky habits and superstitions in Britain. It has been widely-debated for many years whether or not luck and fortune is a state of mind or if a ‘man makes his own luck’. People who consider themselves lucky tend to maintain a relaxed attitude and have a somewhat positive view on the world whereas unlucky people tend to think more negatively which perhaps is why they end up being so unlucky in the first place. Below are some of the findings from the research conducted by Gala Casino:

Lucky Numbers

Britain’s luckiest number is 7, with one in three people stating that it is their lucky number. His could be thanks to the fame that James Bond (007) brought to the number of the fact that David Beckham has worn the number 7 throughout his career. 44% of Brits, which is almost half, admitted that they have a lucky number based firmly on family birthdays and other special, personal occasions. One third of Brits have a lucky number, a quarter of which said their lucky number was based on past luck. Almost two thirds of the population use the same numbers to play the lottery with hopes that their lucky numbers will help them to win the jackpot.

Superstitious - Lucky Numbers

Lucky Charms

90% of Brits don’t own a lucky charm, however, of those that do, almost half said it was a piece of sentimental jewellery whilst 1 in 6 own a pair of lucky pants, socks or a teddy and often take it with them for good luck.


Gala Casino’s research found that one-third of Brits are superstitious, showing that the younger population tend to be much more superstitious than their elders. Walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and opening umbrellas inside are the UK’s biggest superstitions.

Bad Luck - Under a Ladder


Almost half of men consider themselves lucky whilst 1 in 10 men admit to having a lucky charm. The research showed that one in three men have a lucky number and two thirds of these men use the same lucky numbers to play the lottery. Surprisingly, 1 in 5 men have a lucky teddy which is double that of women. Even more embarrassing than that, one third of men think their pants are lucky which could be due to them believing that their pants might bring them fortune with the opposite sex on a night out. 1 in 10 men have lucky shoes and a quarter of men are said to be superstitious. The top three superstitions by men are walking under ladders (60%), breaking a mirror (46%) and opening an umbrella inside (47%).

Superstitions and lucky numbers vary around the world for instance, in Ireland seeing a black cat crossing your path is actually considered to be lucky instead of unlucky which is the more common belief. Despite Britain being perhaps less superstitious than some other countries, some Brits do have their favourite lucky numbers and superstitions that they stick to and that have a direct impact on their daily lives.

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