CBD oil is not a trend. In my eyes, it will only get better and adapt as brands get on board with what their consumers are asking for. I’ve had the pleasure of trying many different CBD brands on the market and find myself always coming back to REBORN.

REBORN extracts natural hemp oil, utilizing the entire cannabinoid system sans the psychoactive effect of THC. The common misconception I hear from those unfamiliar with CBD is whether or not it will make you feel high. In REBORN’s own words, you will feel “rebooted.”

Here are a few of the reasons I’ve been using REBORN CBD products.

REBORN CBD – After Workout

I started using REBORN at the beginning of this year. Like most, I made all the cliche resolutions to better my health in 2020. One of my top resolutions was to get back into the gym finally. Starting in January, I have gone to the gym 3-4 times a week. REBORN helped me during my downtime when my body needed to repair itself.

REBORN Repair & Relief Balm

REBORN Repair & Relax is a natural, cooling balm with CBD oil that helps me relieve my muscle tension. Getting back into working out will inevitably leave you feeling quite sore for the first few weeks. I have used their Repair & Relax balm on my sore muscles to ease any tightness I felt from overworking a particular muscle group. It has helped me get back in the gym and continue knocking out my fitness goals.

Feel Relaxed

REBORN Release & Relax is one of their non-CBD products worth mentioning. I love this blend of essential oils that help me when I’m feeling stressed. You can apply it topically when added to a carrier oil or diffused aromatically with water. I’ve found the latter to be most effective for me.

The feeling I get from using the Release & Relax essential oil mirrors the sensation I get when in a spa. Everything that weighed on me that day, that week, slips away as I’m consumed by a relaxation blanket.

Additionally, and another product that could live under both relaxation and after workout, is REBORN’s Rejuvenate & Restore massage oil. Whenever I have those intense weeks and need a little body relief, I take out this CBD massage oil and hand it to my wife (sorry Sarah). It helps warm the muscles and reduce any tension I have. Of course, my tension isn’t just from the gym. I sit at a desk most of the day while I work and tend to build up tension around my neck and shoulder area. This product really helps me get my muscles the relief they need and helps me relax.

REBORN Massage Oil

Better Sleep

It’s safe to say if you’re feeling relaxed, less stressed, and overall in a happier state, then you will sleep better. There are countless reasons why someone might have trouble sleeping. For me, it’s my restlessness. I work out a lot, and my brain always feels like it’s running a marathon. Sometimes I need a little extra to help me fall asleep. I’ve found that REBORN Peppermint CBD Oil works wonders.

REBORN Peppermint CBD Oil


REBORN Organic Peppermint is an all-natural CBD hemp extract emulsified in Coconut Oil. It is said that if used daily, many experience a more uplifting, happier mood, leaving them calmer and more relaxed. I can’t say it will work for everyone, but I definitely fall into that category.

As mentioned previously, REBORN uses the entire cannabinoid system (except THC), keeping their products pure with all the essential healing properties. What follows is a sophisticated distillation process and finishing staging. Because there are no traceable amounts of THC, you won’t have to worry about passing a drug test for work or whatever may require you getting tested. CBD is perfect for anyone and all ages, even pets!

This post was sponsored by REBORN. All opinions are 100% my own.