The all-new TP Hydro Blast Putter line from TaylorMade Golf Company offers players a choice of seven conventionally shaped putters with a renewed commitment to performance and aesthetics.

Each golf putter is developed with the purist in mind, speaking to the golfing fanatics in all of us. The series includes a variety of fully milled putters to match a wide range of golfers and putting strokes, from the smooth flowing curvatures of Soto and Chaska to the strong geometric lines of Bandon.

“We relied on precision milling and the new Hydro Blast finish to deliver an artisan look to this family of premium putters. Through clean aesthetics, time-honored shaping and superior feel, we’ve blended the modern with the traditional to create a new class of classic.”

– Bill Price, TaylorMade Product Creation, Putter & Wedge

The TaylorMade TP Hydro Blat Putters are available now on Each model has an MSRP of $200 USD.