In an exciting announcement for fans of the iconic Fallout series and aficionados of unique eyewear alike, Amazon Studios and GUNNAR have unveiled the Fallout Vault 33 glasses, marking a stylish return to the post-apocalyptic ’40s-themed world of Fallout. These glasses are not just a nod to the beloved franchise but a perfect blend of retro-futuristic design and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with a stainless steel and nylon frame, finished with olive metal temples, the Vault 33 glasses feature flexible spring hinges for a snug fit, while built-in side shields offer protection from light and noise. But what sets these glasses apart is GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, designed to prevent digital eye strain whether you’re traversing the Wasteland on your console or binge-watching on Amazon Prime.

More Than Just Eyewear: A Collector’s Dream

Fallout Vault 33 glasses from GUNNAR and Amazon Studios

Priced at an MSRP of $99, the Fallout Vault 33 glasses are not just a functional accessory but a collector’s item. Each purchase comes with a collector’s case, a microfiber pouch, and cleaning cloth, ensuring that fans can keep their Vault 33 glasses in pristine condition. Additionally, these glasses come with a 12-month warranty, offering peace of mind along with style and functionality. The glasses block harmful blue light and are 100% UV protective, featuring G-Shield® Plus lens coating for an anti-reflective and smudge-resistant finish. Officially licensed by Amazon Studios, these glasses are a must-have for fans looking to showcase their Fallout fandom in everyday life.

The Fallout Vault 33 glasses are a testament to the enduring appeal of the Fallout series and its influence on pop culture. With their launch, fans can immerse themselves in the game’s aesthetic like never before, blending the lines between virtual dystopia and real-world fashion.