New Balance Basketball has revealed six unique colorways for All-Star and New Balance athlete Kawhi Leonard’s debut game shoe. On February 17th in Charlotte, NC, Kawhi stepped out on the court for the first time in one of the six colorways. See what he chose here:

Detroit Camo is inspired by automobile manufacturers obscuring the appearance of prototype cars. This “dazzle camouflage” is used to mislead Kawhi’s opponents while defending his size and speed.

New Balance Detroit Camo

Trust Leonard pays homage to 80’s basketball and includes accents that call back to the “golden era”. In today’s game, with so many stars angling to play together, Leonard stands out as a true independent.

New Balance Trust Leonard

Black Ice preserves the three-pronged chicken foot as the original 1906 source of New Balance sneaker inspiration. Now more than 100 years later, Charlotte will forever be frozen in time when Kawhi Leonard and New Balance Basketball leave their mark.

New Balance Black Ice

Best Kept Secret features the color red to convey courage and excitement. Not only is New Balance set to shatter industry expectations, but Kawhi Leonard is ready to reveal the league’s “Best Kept Secret” – himself.

New Balance Best Kept Secret

DNA is built by powerful and destructive beasts capable of incredible feats. Though considered extinct, the world’s most unique creatures live on through Kawhi Leonard.

New Balance DNA

Project 515 shows that the past can inform the future with retro New Balance details. Just like Kawhi Leonard, this new silhouette will inspire the next generation of young hoopers.

New Balance Project 515

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