Some exciting news for wearable lovers: Levi’s & Google’s Commuter jacket collaboration is set to be sold in stores this fall. Though the denim piece looks like it’s just another one of the typical productions from Levi’s that we’ve all come to know and love, it’s actually much more. With the help of Google’s Jacquard technology and a super discreet Bluetooth device, a simple swipe or tap on your sleeve can do anything from make a call to change your music.

Levi's and Google's Commuter Jacket Out This Fall!

The Commuter jacket was originally made with cyclists in mind, to help create a safer riding experience (aka, one where you’re not messing with your phone the entire time). Users simply download the Project Jacquard app, choose what actions they want paired with each gesture, and they’re off! The Bluetooth device is chargeable via USB, with a quoted battery life of about two days. As for the jacket, so long as that cuff has been removed, you can launder it just like you would any other average denim piece. Levi’s has said that they’re working on both adding additional movements to assign to smartphone actions, and looking to apply the technology in other ways in the future. So, as exciting as this is, it looks like it’s just the beginning!

The Commuter jacket will retail for $350. Check out the videos below to learn more about the garment and Google’s Jacquard.