Visiting luxurious casinos can often provide a spectacular look at fashion trends, and this will certainly be the case when thousands of people flock to the World Series of Poker this year in Las Vegas. The 2023 events are due to be hosted between May 30 and July 18, as the Nevada temperatures begin to rise, inevitably turning up the heat as participants head to the gaming tables.

But regardless of what people wear as they visit the fabled city, what people choose to wear inside the casinos will be of particular interest, especially when heading to the variety of in-person WSOP events. For this reason, we can expect a wide variety of intriguing fashion choices, ranging from the simple and sublime to the bizarre and spectacular.

Mixing the flamboyant with the practical

While it’s hardly likely that anyone will be dressed as Batman or Superman at the poker tables, there will be some players donning imagery of their favorite superheroes, hoping to be inspired by their comic book icons. Likewise, there are some basic principals regarding what poker players can wear, and that extends to the avoidance of showing too much flesh or borderline nudity, whether of the male or female variety.

Mostly, this remarkable poker event aims to be as open and welcoming as possible, ensuring players are comfortable and as relaxed as they can be, during the pressure and expectation of competing for cash and prizes. Nevertheless, there are usually good reasons for every fashion and clothing choice, whether personal or practical, strategic or even flamboyant.

Given the WSOP features players from practically every corner of the globe, all visiting Las Vegas, keen to test their luck and poker skills, we may witness a few examples of traditional clothing that are traditional in different countries. Events can be a microcosm of not just American society, but also provide us with a broader scope of global fashion.

Some participants even dress themselves especially for the occasion, wearing favorite clothing items like hats or belts considered to bring them good fortune, while others bring an entire wardrobe to provide themselves with a selection of choices for different WSOP events. This can include pros who are sponsored, wearing items featuring various brands and logos.

Function over formality tends to be popular

This year, along being an excellent resource for all things relating to online poker, the Tight Poker team is providing thorough coverage of the 2023 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, including information about how to register and the schedule of bracelet events. Those are undoubtedly the most coveted pieces of attire, exclusively available to the event winners.

But for those who are participating at WSOP events, now hosted at the Paris and Horseshoe casinos, deciding what clothing to wear is going to be an important decision. Back when the WSOP first began in 1970, sharp suits and smart attire was commonplace, although times and fashion trends have undoubtedly changed since then.

While some players do like to make a statement with clothing choices, usually to represent their unique own style and personality, the majority of participants focus entirely on comfort and practicality. After all, some poker games can last for hours, which means they are also sat for long periods of time at the gaming tables, and keen to avoid being uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the host venues are fully climatized, although simple comfort is typically the preference for clothing. Hoodies or tees are often the popular choice for both men and women, along with jeans and shorts. Baseball caps have also become increasingly popular headwear, yet we may still see the occasional Stetson or cowboy hat worn by Americans.

In fact, hats and hoodies can also serve an additionally useful purpose, as can wearing sunglasses despite being indoors, given that some poker players wish to hide their facial expressions and emotions. At WSOP 2023, while there are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions in place, participants will be allowed to wear facemasks covering the mouth.

There are actually some WSOP rules covering suitable attire

While for the most part, clothing regulations and choices are pretty relaxed, the officially published WSOP Tournament Rules do include certain stipulations regarding clothing and accessories, providing the utmost clarity regarding acceptable attire for participants. This is enforced at the discretion of the host properties.

Principally, clothing featuring logos, slogans or promotional messages, are those under the greatest scrutiny. This essentially prohibits the display of anything deemed to be defamatory, obscene, profane, or generally offensive in any way. Likewise, there are bans on potentially libelous or false messages, along with anything regarded as harmful to WSOP interests, or those of Horseshoe and Paris casinos as host venues.

Many professional poker players have sponsorship logos on their clothing, and this is allowed on anything but hats, albeit in moderation. But attire can feature no more than three total placements, which are also regulated by size. Logos on the front or back of tops can be no bigger than 12 inches, or any greater than 6 inches on sleeves and shoulders.

Promotional messages and logos are banned on hats, although those featuring sports teams or fashion brands are allowed, so long they are typically sold to the public via traditional commercial retail outlets. But in all cases for any clothing, again, the host properties of WSOP events will always have sole discretion and the final say, regarding what’s allowed or not.

Essentially, while there is plenty of flexibility allowed when it comes to clothing, this also has to be within the boundaries of good reason and common sense, particularly now that many live events are broadcast to millions of viewers on TV and via streaming platforms. Inevitably, the WSOP and host venues don’t wish their brands to be associated with anything untoward. After all, this is all about entertainment and enjoyment.