Wired has teamed up on a limited edition watch with Super Mario Bros. set to release this September.

Each timepiece features a different face, with both sporting various design elements from the game. The face on the AGAK 703 watch has a color replica of one of Super Mario Bros. many classic levels, while the AGAK 702 features a dark color face with coins from the game lined throughout and a sprite of Mario over a warp pipe.

Of course, there are a few motifs that both watches have. Each have a golden star for the sweep hand, a star in the crown, and “WIRED x MARIO LIMITED EDITION” on the side of the case. A cool feature only known to the owner is located on the back side; the last level with Mario facing Bowser is drawn, as well as  the limited edition serial number. Both models come inside a cleverly designed clay warp pipe.

Cop either watch from W-Wired on September 8 $164 USD.