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David Copperfield vs. Harry Potter

Did you know Harry Potter is based off of David Copperfield’s life? Well according to David it is. In this funny skit by Funny or Die, David explains how the Harry Potter story was completely stolen by J.K. Rowling.

Digital Ninja

This is the definition of most of the web these days. People Tweeting, Tumbling, and blogging, but not having enough knowledge about the topic they’re writing about.

Wendy McColm’s Demo Reel

While browsing the spider web of videos YouTube has to offer I ran into this charming actress Wendy McColm. This girl is hilarious and has some great stuff on her channel. Since I enjoyed her videos so much I posted her demo reel below. Pretty cool stuff.

Kanye West “Power” Parody

With the release of Kanye West’s ego, I mean new video “Power”, you’d have to expect there to be a Parody or two. Leave it to the Visual Fx master FreddieW to do it. Awesome stuff bud, keep it up :)

Pee-Wee goes to Sturgis [video]

Pee-Wee Herman is making a comeback. I’ve always been a huge fan of his show back when I was a young’n. Now we have the pleasure of catching his act on Funny or Die.

Auto-Tune the news: Bed Intruder Song

This is F’ing amazing! Auto-Tune the news has been all the buzz lately, and this proves it. Watch this hilarious video created by the Gregory Brothers. The song has topped the Billboard charts and has even beaten Rob Thomas!!! WTF?? LOL