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Water Light Graffiti

The “Water Light Graffiti” is a wall made up of thousands of LEDs that illuminate by the contact of water. Using anything from your hands, a water gun, or a paintbrush will activate the beautiful light display.

Banksy Hits Boston

Tis the season to be jolly.. right? Well not for UK street artist Banksy with these economic hardship street pieces.

ROA does Australia

While in Australia recently for his Paradox exhibit, Belgian artist, ROA painted a few murals outdoors in Perth and Fremantle. See more after the jump…

Amazing Train Bombing

The video shows a group of grafitti artists bombing a train in a matter of minutes. Almost the whole side was full of paint. It’s quite impressive, however I don’t promote this type of activity.

Banksy directed Simpson intro

British graffiti artist Banksy directs opening sequence to The Simpsons. It’s genius, yet depressing at the same time. You can tell he loves pushing the envelope. Bravo!

Banksy, “Haring Dog”

The famous street artist, Banksy, doing what he does best. Creating beautiful street art to go along with the rest of this crazy world.