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Filth Movie

FILTH Red Band Trailer

FILTH stars James McAvoy as Bruce Robertson, a bigoted drunk-infested cop that manipulates his way through life in hopes of securing a promotion and winning back his family.

This is the End Red Band Trailer

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the mad men behind Super Bad and Pineapple Express, come together for their directorial debut on This is the End.

Movie 43

Movie 43 Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

Movie 43 is big! How big? Let’s just say they have a total of 12 directors listed for the film. The movie features an all-star cast that has WAY too many to mention.

The Sitter: Red Band Trailer

Jonah Hill is back to his foul mouth self in The Sitter. This raunchy comedy mirrors the 1987 classic “Adventures in Babysitting”. I’m sure you can expect nothing but the worst coming from Jonah’s mouth as well as the kids he babysits. I can’t wait!