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Narrative Shorts - SXSW 2014

Top 3 Narrative Shorts at SXSW 2014

This year’s SXSW festival was huge. And I want to emphasize the size, it was huge. I attended three years ago, and it was an absolute blast. Not only did we have Platinum badges and were moved to the front of every line, but the lines themselves weren’t that long.
2014 Survival Guide

2014 SXSW Survival Guide

If you’ve been following my twitter feed, you’ll know that I’m gearing up for a week in Austin to enjoy SXSW interactive and music. In honor of the event, I’ve put together the ultimate SXSW survival guide.
12 O'Clock Boys

12 O’Clock Boys Trailer

If the average person were to be asked, what's 12 o'clock boys? Most would respond with, that's when the boss comes and takes us all out for a surprise lunch. In this rare occasion, if you didn't respond with "a small group of elite inner city motorcross riders, who liberally say "fu** the police"", you would be wrong.