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Periscope Live-Streaming App by Twitter

Twitter Launches Periscope Live-Streaming App

In 140-characters or less, Twitter has always been about what you’re doing in the moment. Sure, people may not care about the grilled cheese you just ate or what your favorite show on Netflix is, but what if you could show them live what you’re eating or watching?

Twitter Music App

Twitter #Music

Twitter #Music has finally arrived and it’s pretty awesome. Until now, we haven’t really had a great way of discovering new music while browsing Twitter, but now we can see which artists are emerging, songs that are trending…

Facebook Creeper Comic

A golden rule that should be in place for Facebook is to never, I mean never, like a photo that is more than a year old. Unless of course you are going for the ultimate creeper award.

Social Media Propaganda Posters

I have officially found what I want on my walls in my office. The Social Media Propaganda Posters were created by Etsy artist Justonescarf, and feature old school military style propaganda messages for Social Media; Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

US City Nicknames According to Twitter

Some people share their location with Twitter, while others don’t. If you’re a celebrity like Katy Perry, I’m sure you don’t want some horny geek tracking you down because you checked into the local McDonalds. See the whole map after the jump…

Digital Ninja

This is the definition of most of the web these days. People Tweeting, Tumbling, and blogging, but not having enough knowledge about the topic they’re writing about.