This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar + Laser Detectors. All opinions are 100% mine.

Despite what some may think, the police are not out to get you. It sometimes may seem like that with how many ways there are to receive a ticket these days, but nevertheless it’s just not the case.

Since there are more ways of getting a ticket than ever before, I would like to introduce my readers to the Escort Max 360 + Laser Detector. It is able to detect radar and laser guns, red light cameras, air patrol, and photo radar (speed cameras). For me, the most notable of its detectors is for red light cameras. I’ve been victim of them in Los Angeles twice, and trust me, it’s not a ticket you want to receive in the mail.

But Joe, aren’t radar detectors illegal in California and throughout the US? That’s a great question. Believe it or not radar detectors are actually 100% legal throughout the US, with the exception of Washington D.C. and Virginia. It’s a common misconception for people to assume they’re illegal, and worse, not even look it up online to see if it’s true or not. I can personally admit to the latter. Shame on me.

NOT SO FUN FACT: 41 million drivers are ticketed each year

Even if you don’t consider yourself a speeder, and trust me most people don’t, you might be surprised how often you go over the speed limit on accident as you change streets. The National Motorist Association has estimated that 1/3 speed enforcement citations (tickets) are actually erroneous, which makes radar detectors relevant now more than ever. Not to mention that the technology for radar/laser detectors have improved dramatically over the years to provide even better detection.

ANOTHER NOT SO FUN FACT: The average ticket will cost a driver $150, which equates to more than $6 billion a year collected

If all this information hasn’t convinced you to look into getting yourself an Escort 360, let me drop just a bit more knowledge on you. Purchasing a detector would pay for itself by saving a driver from just one ticket. Even if the ticket is only the average $150 cost, remember that you will be hit financially elsewhere, like your insurance coverage. On average insurance will increase over three years to around $900 for just one ticket.

Escort Max 360 Top Features:

  • Arrows will indicate the direction of the radar source providing you with 360˚ protection
  • Dual antenna in the front and rear rapidly detects surrounding threats
  • GPS-powered AutoLearn technology will intelligently reject any false alerts it finds based on signal frequency and location

The Escort brand is so confident that their Max 360 will save you from tickets that they are offering a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee”, including both radar and laser speeding tickets when you purchase factory direct.

Learn more about the Escort 360 and see why it’s smart to invest in your driving future. Stay tuned for a deeper review of the device once we get our hands on ours in the coming weeks.

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