As we spend more time at home, we find ourselves social distancing in our backyards. It may not be safe for us to have a backyard BBQ with our closest mates just yet, but perhaps we can have a few of them over for some TV time.

Generally speaking, electronics, especially TVs, don’t do well outdoors. They aren’t designed to withstand the weather, and if you do find one that is, it is usually quite expensive. The Samsung Terrace TV, however, was made to both play nice outdoors and to your wallet.

Waterproof TV by Samsung - the Samsung Terrace TV

Samsung made the Terrace TV IP55 rated to protect against water and dust. Naturally, a TV to work well outside would have to do well in broad daylight. The Samsung Terrace has a brightness of 2,000 nits, making it easy to see during the day when the sun is in full effect. Additionally, it features a QLED 4K display, resulting in exceptional visuals.

Samsung went the extra mile and created the Terrace Soundbar to go with it, which is also IP55 rated and will mount underneath or directly on the TV itself.