World's Thinnest Watch

It seems like everything is getting thinner nowadays. Why not a super thin watch? While it is still in the concept phase it has raised well over its goal of $200,000 for the project.

At .8mm it is being called the “World’s Thinnest Watch”. If you’re like me, you don’t want something bulky on your wrist. Just from looking at the pictures it makes me want one because well, it’s different in a stylish way.

No buttons or knobs are on the watch itself, everything is done on the base station. This includes adjusting the time, format, and charging. Taking only 10 minutes to charge and lasting for months, it makes it a functional time piece for those always in a rush. With all that said backers of the project are on the pre-order list for this sleek and stylish watch and can expect it to be in production later this year.

Other things to know about the watch:

– Rechargeable Battery (lasts for 15 years)

– Weight: 12 grams Eco-friendly

Buy now: $129 USD

thin watch 3 Thin Watch 1