In part one of this travel accessories series you saw the essential style, grooming and practical products. Now it’s time to get some of the really good stuff – Tech.

Airports, planes and buses aren’t exactly known for their thrills. So it’s always good to have something to entertain you. Unless, well, you actually enjoy walking round the same duty free shop over and over again.

But taking Tech travel accessories anywhere also has it’s own drawbacks. Things break, chargers get lost and you leave something in the hotel room.

So you need to find the happy medium where you take stuff you want, stuff you need, and stuff you’re not going to have to tell your wife you left behind.

Which is what we’ve got for you in this list. Enjoy…

LithiumCard Hypercharger

#1: The LithiumCard Hypercharger

What if I told you there was a portable charger that could:

  • Charge your phone at 1% per minute (exactly the same as using a socket)
  • Had unbreakable cables
  • Slides perfectly into your wallet so you’ll never lose it

You would probably look at me like I was crazy. But it exists. And it’s called the Hypercharger.

This is a plug-in-and-charge device that comes ready fitted with all the cables and attachments you need, and they all slot back inside the casing comfortably.

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself trying to make your battery last days whilst you’ve been travelling. Thankfully now you can fix that problem.

PS Vita

#2: PS Vita

Any gamers in the house? No. Just me? Surely not…

Let’s face it, games are fun. But since Nintendo took a more family-friendly route handheld gaming hasn’t been that great for the travelling man. Even Sony’s first attempt at this console, the PSP, was a let down.

But the PS Vita is a perfect travel accessory for anyone who wants entertainment away from the small screen in the headrest. And, you know, wants to play a game that isn’t Candy Crush Saga.

  • Play games from your home console
  • Great entertainment for waiting rooms and hotel lobby’s
  • Stay connected on inflight Wi-Fi with Skype, Facebook and Twitter.

Just make sure you don’t get up and shout, “YES!” when you score the winning goal on FIFA.

VEHO Z-1 Tangle Free Headphones

#3: Veho Z-1 Tangle Free Headphones

I’m a little bit of an Introvert. So headphones are essential when I travel. And you’re probably not to keen on Airport pop music either, are you?

Veho might not be the biggest brand in headphone tech. But they’re Z-1 headphones make a perfect travel accessory.

They don’t tangle. They provide clear, quality sound. They’re super comfortable on the inside of your ear. Their wires won’t fray if they’re thrown into a rucksack.

And, for the price, you really wont care if you leave them on the side in the hotel or put them through the wash. Which, let’s be honest, is where most of your headphones end up isn’t it?

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

#4: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Kit

Phones may have the power to take great photos now. But there really is no substitute for having a real camera that’s designed to take proper photographs.

But you also don’t always want to be carrying around a big heavy SLR camera either. Because, well, that’s a lot of effort unless you’re a professional. And point-and-shoot cameras really aren’t too much better than just using your phone.

The solution?

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1. The worlds most compact digital SLR. It offers a lot of the benefits of having the full sized version, but it weighs almost nothing in comparison.

You can fit it into any rucksack or bag quite easily, and have a proper 18-megapixel camera on hand for when there’s something you want to take a good snap of.

Great for vacations, city breaks and general travel photography that you’ll want to show other people.

Fitbit Flex

#5: Fitbit Flex

When you travel, it’s normal to feel a little bit health conscious. Especially if you’re a gym going gentleman.

Excessive food. Interrupted sleep. Less time to exercise. Sitting on a plane for a long time. All of these can add up and make you feel like you’re starting from Square One as soon as you get back home.

And, whilst the Fitbit Flex might not be able reverse any of that. It does a few things to keep you on track:

  • It tracks everything: And, I mean everything, from how you slept through to steps taken.
  • You’re accountable: It makes you conscious of the decisions you’re making, which (hopefully) means you’ll make better ones. Like taking the stairs, not the elevator.
  • You know where to improve: Even if it all goes wrong, you know exactly what you need to do when you get home. Nifty, huh?

It’s not the most discreet item. But it could make a world of difference to your results.