Travel Accessories. They just make your life a little bit easier, don’t they? If you’ve ever been: stuck on a runway, stranded in an airport lounge, had to fly for more than six hours or had a lost luggage, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Having the right travel accessories means that you can look and feel good, keep all of your important paperwork together and still remain fully entertained. And, having the wrong ones mean’s, well, exactly the opposite.

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You don’t want that to happen. Neither do we. That’s why we’ve got your back. This is the first in a two part series looking at travel accessories. This part looks at style, grooming and practicality. Part two, looks at those important Technology travel accessories that will keep you entertained no matter how long your flight.

Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarers

#1: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer

With these sunglasses Ray-Ban have managed to solve a big problem from travelers: Where do your sunglasses go?

The suitcase? The side pocket? On your head?

The simple folding mechanism on the wayfarers has fixed all of that. They’re now small enough to fold away into any pocket or bag and avoid any bangs or scratches.

All whilst remaining stylish as hell. Good, eh?

Marc Jacobs Briefcase - Travel Accessories

#2: Marc Jacobs Briefcase

This briefcase is a little more on the luxury side of travel accessories. But, it’s worth every penny you spend.

Leather isn’t only durable and great in all climates. You can also wear it casually, or formally. This briefcase wouldn’t look out of place in a bar in SoHo or in a professional meeting.

It also comes in two different colours: blue and navy. So you’ll never have to worry about whether the bag fits your outfit.

Bellroy Leather Wallet

#3: Bellroy Travel Wallet

This wallet is amazing. It instantly replaces the big, bulky travel wallets that need a zipper to hold them shut and puts everything in your back pocket.

That includes:

  • Tickets
  • Credit Cards
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Passports
  • Any sized currency

Which means you can really travel lighter and keep everything you need in one neat and tidy place. And, it comes in subtle and stylish colors so it won’t look wrong when you open it at the airport bar.

If you’re constantly searching your pockets trying to find the right information, this wallet is you.

Richer Poorer - Carry-On Pack - Travel Accessories

#4: Richer Poorer – Carry-On Pack

Long haul flights make you feel a bit dirty, don’t they? There comes that time where you feel the insatiable urge to wash your face, have a shave and freshen up.

But even the most luxurious airlines in-flight products don’t quite hack it. So, what’s a man to do?

Buy the Richer Poorer Carry-On Pack, that’s what. It comes with: two pairs of fresh new socks, a razor, shave and face balm and charcoal soap. All in-flight friendly and easy to tuck away.

Personally I took this on a 32-hour trip to Malaysia, and it made all the difference when I was stranded in Dubai Airport for eight hours.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit - Travel Accessories

#5: Carry On Cocktail Kit

In-flight cocktails suck. Mostly because the staff are too busy dealing with other stuff — like the safety of the passengers — to make a good drink. And making a good old fashioned isn’t high on their agenda.

But now it can be high on yours. This nifty little carry on lets you make a superb Old Fashioned, with all the right ingredients, at 30,000 feet. Simply order bourbon, crack open your kit, and away you go.

For the traveller who really appreciates a good drink, this is a great little buy.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Collection - Travel Accessories

#6: Victorinox Spectra 2.0

Victorinox may be known for making the Swiss Army Knife. But they’re also ingenious when it comes to travel accessories too. And this carry-on suitcase is a game changer. It may not look all that Stylish. But what it loses as a fashion statement, it makes up for practicality.

It’s made with two compartments:

  • The Front: For all of your accessories. Laptops, tablets, pens, notepads, phones and valuables. Which is also completely detachable so you don’t have to keep reaching into your case to get them.
  • The Back: This is the space for your clothes. But unlike most carry on cases, this has space for a lot of clothes. It has two ways to pack because this back compartment splits into different sections.

More space. More clothes. Longer travel.

It’s topped off with an unbreakable casing. And, it comes with Swiss Tracker Technology, so if you do have to put it in the hold and it gets lost, you can find your bag anywhere in the world.