In celebration of Earth Day, AmaWaterways has shared exciting details on their ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability and minimize fuel consumption in river cruising. With a focus on green technology and supporting local communities, AmaWaterways is setting the standard for environmentally-friendly travel.

Harnessing Solar Power for a Greener Voyage

AmaWaterways’ innovative AmaMagna will soon feature solar panels on the awnings of select staterooms, reducing fuel consumption related to heating and cooling. This exciting development allows travelers to enjoy a more sustainable river cruise experience.

Reducing Fuel Consumption with River Track Pilot

To further minimize their environmental footprint, AmaWaterways is testing a new River Track Pilot navigation system on several ships. This cutting-edge technology optimizes fuel use based on riverbed configuration and current conditions, ensuring a more eco-friendly journey.

A La Carte Dining to Combat Food Waste

AmaWaterways has made the switch to full-service a la carte menus for breakfast and lunch in place of buffets. This change is expected to reduce food waste by up to 30 percent while providing a higher level of service for guests, making for a more sustainable and enjoyable dining experience.

Empowering Local Communities

AmaWaterways’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond their ships. The company actively supports the communities they visit through employment opportunities and local service providers. They also sponsor the ODA Free Village English School in Cambodia and the Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa, helping local youth to overcome poverty.