When Bud Light asks you if you’re #UpForWhatever, nod your head and follow blindly. Because if we’ve learned anything from their 2014 Super Bowl commercial, you won’t be disappointed.

You may have remembered last month when we announced Bud Light wanted to send fans to Vegas to watch the World Cup finale at the Palms Casino Resort. Well, this was it, and they invited upwards of 800+ fans from all-around the United States to join in on the festivities. Usually these types of trips have contracts involved and requests from the brands, but not Bud Light. The mantra for the weekend was to have fun and be #UpForWhatever.

So myself, and my fellow west coast blogger friend XoXoLizza, packed our bags and headed off to Vegas.

The Palms Hotel and Casino
Palms Casino Resort – Ivory Tower Room

Upon arriving in Vegas a Bud Light shuttle was waiting to whisk us away to our hotel. Surprisingly when arriving at the Palms the first place I went to was my room and not the nearest blackjack table. I should also mention when we checked into the Bud Light lounge to get our room keys, there was plenty of Bud Light flowing throughout the room to get the party started. Nice touch, Budweiser.

Day 1: Rain Nightclub Viewing Party

The #UpForWhatever weekend officially started Saturday where it kicked off in the Bud Light Lounge. From 8-11am they served a buffet style breakfast where waitresses delivered ice cold Bud Light, Budweiser, and Bud Light Cheladas. Depending on how your night before went, the drinks were a nice option. I opted for the coffee and juice since I knew I would likely be throwing back 1 or maybe 10 drinks before evening.

Bud Light Soccer Player Made from Bud Light Boxes
Soccer player made from Bud Light boxes

Before breakfast ended I snuck away to snap some photos of Rain Nightclub empty before the crowd got crazy. Thanks to my media pass this made it easy to get in and out without waiting in line.

Nightclubs are always a trip to see when it isn’t pitch black inside. It’s almost sad. Check out a snapshot I took using my RICOH THETA:

Taken in the Rain Nightclub at The Palms in Las Vegas before the World Cup viewing party. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Once everyone piled into the club we were all treated to some traditional Brazilian samba dancers and some capoeira, followed by a group that performs tricks with soccer balls you have to see to believe. The image all the way at the top of this post is pretty much what we saw firsthand: colorful, sexy, and an all-around fun time.

Day 2: Germany Wins the World Cup and I’m on Stage with Nick Cannon

The day started out like the previous: breakfast in the Bud Light lounge and drinking at 9am to forget about my table losses the night before. This morning was a bit different, as I was engaging with the fellow #UpForWhatever patrons and trying to get a feel for the types of people that were actually attending this weekend. The guests ranged from fans that won a Buffalo Wild Wings contest to Hooters managers that touted the best sales in their region. You can really tell Bud Light wanted a wide variety of guests to enjoy such an incredible experience.

After filling our stomachs with a continental style buffet, we headed over to The Palms Pool to get settled for the day’s festivities. Bud Light put together some nice cabanas for us to enjoy with the other media folk filled with cold drinks and a nonstop conveyor of servers with snacks.

After Germany won the World Cup against Argentina (sorry Freddie), we were treated to a DJ set from America’s Got Talent host, Nick Cannon. Here’s a snap of me on stage with Nick. We are obviously best friends. Don’t forget to follow the @JoesDaily account on Instagram.

I was pleasantly surprised to witness his set. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities try their hand at DJ-ing and Cannon didn’t disappoint. Definitely a great way to finish out the day at the pool.

All-in-all I would give my first Bud Light #UpForWhatever experience a big two thumbs up. Every moment from my flight landing to departing was an absolute blast. I’m really excited to see what other adventures they may have in store for me in the future. I can only hope I’ll be #UpForWhatever it may be.

Disclosure: Bud Light paid for my trip to Vegas to attend their World Cup viewing party. All opinions are my own.