Greetings, fellow luxe adventurers! I bring you some much-awaited news from one of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world, Crystal. Ready to dive deep into the ocean of wanderlust? Read on!

Crystal Cruises and A&K’s Unprecedented Voyage

Ever since the A&K Travel Group acquired Crystal, formerly Crystal Cruises, the travel community has been buzzing about the revolutionary changes they might bring onboard. Well, guess what? The future looks brighter (and more exciting) than ever! Crystal Cruises has unveiled its 2025 itineraries for the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. They promise a perfect blend of iconic attractions and hidden gems.

Crystal’s commitment to pushing boundaries is evident. Think 144 new handpicked destinations and a colossal 720 days of sailing. Yes, 2025 is about to redefine luxury cruising!

A Peek into CEO Cristina Levis’ Thoughts

Cristina Levis, the driving force behind A&K Travel Group, shared her enthusiasm about the itineraries. She expressed her desire to offer both loyal and new guests of Crystal an unparalleled cruising experience. Bespoke experiences, curated by the iconic Abercrombie & Kent, will introduce travelers to the lesser-visited corners of our mesmerizing world. From the heart of civilizations to the unspoiled wilderness, these cruises are your golden ticket!

Crystal Serenity 2025: Where Dreams Set Sail

Crystal Serenity Ship

After a grand World Cruise in May, Crystal Serenity sets her eyes on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. Here’s what’s brewing:

  • Artistic Sojourns: From Picasso’s Málaga to the enchanting town of Ronne.
  • Northern Spectacles: Ever witnessed the Northern Lights in Svalbard, Norway? This is your chance!
  • Nordic Adventures: The untouched beauty of Faroe Islands and Iceland awaits.
  • Autumn in America: Imagine the autumn foliage of Québec City and the historic allure of Boston. Ah, pure magic!
  • Holiday Delights: Sun-soaked voyages to Caribbean paradises like Montego Bay and adventures in South American jewels such as the Panama Canal.

Crystal Symphony 2025: Embark on the Extraordinary

Crystal Symphony

Starting the year in Southeast Asia, Crystal Symphony promises adventures galore:

  • Asian Epics: Discover Cambodia’s best beaches and Sumatra’s volcanic beauty.
  • Extended Escapades: More time in urban hubs like Ho Chi Minh City and Shanghai means a deeper dive into the local culture.
  • European Extravaganza: Get the adrenaline pumping with the Grand Prix in Monaco and soak in the Mediterranean charm of Dubrovnik and Santorini.
  • Mystic Middle East: From the heritage-rich Luxor to the urban wonders of Dubai, and the biodiversity of Salalah, Oman – it’s a Middle Eastern mosaic!

Mark Your Calendars!

All set to embark on this unparalleled journey? September 27 is when you can make your dream voyage a reality. Book your itinerary on or your favorite travel agent.

As I write this news, I am sitting at The Bistro on Crystal Symphony in Istanbul, waiting to set sail on my first Crystal experience. It’s damn near impossible to hold back my excitement, as I’ve dreamt of sailing on Crystal for so long. Hopefully, my social posts will influence you in a similar fashion. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram.

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Happy Cruising!