There’s a lot to look forward to onboard Carnival’s Mardi Gras ship. Like Emeril Lagasse’s Bistro 1396, his first restaurant at sea. Unfortunately, everything at this point has just been a tease, as the vessel isn’t due to set sail until 2020. Luckily for cruise fans, Carnival’s team is hard at work creating content to showcase their new fun ship.

Carnival just uploaded the first look of Mardi Gras’ staterooms to their YouTube channel. If you have cruised with them before, then some of the design will look familiar. See for yourself.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Carnival’s staterooms and their overall simplicity. It’s quite remarkable what they’re able to fit inside of these rooms. For the Mardi Gras, they’ve taken innovation even further by partnering with DCA Design International, a leading product design firm based in Warwick, England. The staterooms will reflect new and innovative design practices that are ergonomically-friendly and maximize visual space, clean lines, surfaces, and storage.

“We took a unique approach to our stateroom design with Mardi Gras, utilizing DCA’s design experts who are well known for innovative product design and partnered them with Miami-based interior architect Studio Dado. DCA employed a thoughtful guest-centric approach gleaned from observations of how our guests use their space in conjunction with their vast experience in product design to make the staterooms as comfortable and functional as possible.”

– Ben Clement, Carnival’s senior vice president of new builds

Watch the first look video above and see what features DCA has implemented into Carnival’s new ship. You can read about more news from Carnival Cruise Line here.