No matter how you slice it, flying in a private jet (anywhere) will spoil you. And if you fly it on demand — let’s say Los Angeles to Napa Valley for the day for some wine tasting — well, plan on never wanting to fly commercial ever again.

Stratajet App

What was once thought of as transportation exclusive to the elite is now more mainstream than ever. Thanks to Stratajet, the first true on demand private jet chartering app, flying private is as easy as calling an Uber. Unlike their competitors, Stratajet provides final, bookable prices, as opposed to estimates and quotes for bookings.

Stratajet also doesn’t require membership fees. This alone keeps cost down for the user, as they can get pretty hefty when on an annual basis. You simply download the app, look up a flight, book using your credit card or Apple Pay, and that’s it!

Below is an example of the Stratajet app in action, and how simple it is to find an on demand flight to Napa Valley from the nearest Los Angeles airport. From left to right, the entire time it took to find a flight was under two minutes.

Stratajet App

A Day With the Stratajet Team

The only way to truly get to know a brand like Stratajet is to experience it first-hand, so naturally I was thrilled when they invited me to go wine tasting for the day in Napa Valley. The day started off with a car service – organized by Stratajet – to the Van Nuys airport.

Stratajet Ticket

With our Stratajet tickets in hand, we boarded our plane for the day, a Gulfstream V (GV). Onboard, we were greeted by our crew and served champagne and snacks. Not a horrible way to start our jet-setting adventure.

Stratajet Plane

Private Jet Private Jet Champagne and Snacks and Snacks

Upon landing in rainy Napa Valley, we were greeted by a fleet of cars waiting to take us to our winery for the day. It was quite the experience having a car waiting for you the moment you step off the plane.

Private Jet Car Service to Stratajet

Our day continued at the Williams Selyem, where we had a private tour of the winery, lunch, and an exclusive wine tasting.

Williams Selyem Winery Tour

The photographer caught me “working,” and not listening to our tour guide.

Joe's Daily at the Williams Selyem Winery

Wine tasting at Williams Selyem Winery

Williams Selyem Private Wine Tasting

It was a surreal experience, one I’ll never forget. From the time I stepped foot on the Gulfstream V to the moment I was in my car headed home; the entire experience was unique, stress free and something I could get used to.

A huge thanks to Stratajet for allowing me to charter a private jet for the day with them, and see just how easy and intuitive their app really is.