A high end traveler. If you’re one of these, you’ll only like going on holiday to stop in the nicest all inclusive hotels. You’ll love to spend your holidays shopping, buying cocktails from the beach bar, or doing absolutely nothing. You’ll probably upgrade to get yourself in to the airport lounge so that you can have free drinks galore, and you’ll just feel privileged to be doing what you’re doing. But, in any of that, where is your sense of adventure? A high end traveler is one that prefers a more relaxed lifestyle, and one that definitely only ever goes on holiday to do absolutely nothing. But we’re here to try and change all of you that think that way. You can have so much more fun if you just let your hair down, and become more of an actual traveler!

Stop Being a High End Traveler

It’s Not All About The Money!

It really isn’t all about the money. You can go on a great holiday, meet a ton of new people, and do things that you will have never done before, and you will still spend less than you would if you were traveling high end. You should think about getting credit cards for travel, and then carry your money around using that. When you’re not traveling as high end, you’re generally going to be out doing more, and spending more on activities rather than the hotel. Having the money on a card is a lot safer than having it floating around in different places! When you’re actually in your destination, don’t think about doing the most expensive thing on the menu either. Find things that are cheap, and are going to give you the most thrills. You will find that just driving yourself around exploring all of the different landmarks of the area is free, and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

Adventure Awaits You

Adventure definitely does await you. If you dare to step outside of those hotel walls, you’ll find a whole new world waiting for you. If you want to know exactly what you can do before you get there, there’s plenty of only help. All you have to do is search for things to do in the area that you’re heading to, and a number of different websites will point you in the right direction. Even if you think that the area you’re in is totally dull outside of the hotel, the internet will be able to find a few things for you to do that might tickle your fancy!

More Holidays, More Fun!

If you just have one super expensive holiday each year, then you really are missing out. The less you spend on one holiday, the more you have left over to book another holiday. Most people could do two or three holiday’s for the price that they spend on one. So this should give you more incentive to go as cheap as possible, because you’ll only be thinking about your next holiday when you come back off one. One way of keeping things supercheap would be to go for hostels!