European Waterways recently unveiled an exclusive island-hopping cruise in the Venetian Lagoon. The six-night, all-inclusive voyage aboard La Bella Vita allows guests to discover the smaller, lesser-known islands within the lagoon. Not only does the cruise offer access to islands difficult to visit without private transport, but it also brings travelers the chance to indulge in luxurious settings, a mouthwatering gastronomy, and the historic ambiance of Venice.

A Cruise Tailored for the Intrepid Explorer

Derek Banks, the Managing Director of European Waterways, emphasizes the distinctive allure of the islands within the lagoon. Described as the “hidden gems” of Venice, these islands provide an escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Venice’s history, culture, art, and traditions.

The island-hopping itinerary of La Bella Vita takes the pressure off planning logistics. Guests can relish the journey while enjoying gourmet meals prepared by an onboard master chef, accompanied by exquisite regional wines. The 20-passenger La Bella Vita, the largest in the European Waterways’ fleet, is specifically designed for comfort and luxury, providing a haven for travelers as they navigate the picturesque waters.

Savor’ La Bella Vita’ – The Good Life

Your adventure begins with a Prosecco welcome aboard the elegant La Bella Vita, where the captain and crew are eager to offer impeccable service throughout your journey. As the sun sets, take in the breathtaking view of the Giudecca Canal, one of Europe’s most famous canals.

Apart from the serene cruise through the Giudecca Canal, the itinerary has delightful stops. The island of Sant Erasmo, known as the “market garden of Venice,” is famous for its lush vegetable gardens and artichoke fields. While on the island of Pellestrina, guests can cycle alongside the renowned six-mile seawall. A visit to San Lazzaro degli Armeni offers a glimpse into the lives of Armenian monks who inhabit the island.

Venice Lagoon in Italy
Venice Lagoon

Delve into History and Artistry

An essential part of the island-hopping itinerary is a visit to Burano, often called the “Island of Lace.” Here, you can witness the delicate art of lace-making, which has a long-standing tradition on the island.

Another stop not to be missed is Murano, world-famous for its skillful glassblowers and iconic glassware. The island’s history is as transparent and intricate as the glass it produces.

The cruise also includes visiting the glamorous Lido, the home of the Venice Film Festival, and the town of Chioggia with its picturesque canals and the 18th-century Church of San Domenico set on its island.

Culmination in Historic Venice

The grand finale of this luxurious voyage is a stop in the historic heart of Venice. Docking near the Naval Museum, guests can explore iconic landmarks, including St. Mark’s Square, the Cathedral of San Pietro, and the Doge’s Palace, once the Venetian government’s seat.

Booking Your Adventure

Starting from $4,550 per person based on double occupancy, the Venetian Lagoon cruises offer a captivating, all-inclusive experience. Private, whole-boat charters are also available, starting at $83,500. This journey promises an unforgettable experience, encompassing the very essence of Venice’s history, culture, and luxurious allure. Book your spot on La Bella Vita and embark on this extraordinary discovery voyage through the Venetian Lagoon’s hidden gems.