Generation Iron Poster

Occasionally us men like to go to the gym. Occasionally we might even break a sweat, especially if we’ve got our fellow occasional gym patrons around, egging us on. Then if we get really committed, we may even get crazy and do something like P90X. Basically the gym is a hobby and our bodies (for the most part, please remain calm if you take yourself very seriously) are the tennis rackets we forget to pull out of the closet.

Then there’s always those other guys. There aren’t many of them, but when you see one, they’re unmistakable. These guys are huge. Not just bigger than average, they are giants. And they weren’t born that way, they made it happen.

Phil Heath in Generation Iron

Generation Iron explores the other side of these men’s lives. In this new docudrama set be out later this year, the world of body building is revealed as the coveted title of Mr. Olympia is sought out by some of the most disciplined humans that there ever were. The narrator is played by the familiar voice of Mickey Rourke, and this will be Vlad Yudin’s 5th effort as a director. So gents, rather than catching the game and reminiscing about how in shape you used to be, maybe check this film out and start making use of that gym membership you’ve been paying for.