Mario Kart has always been a favorite game of mine to play after school with my buds. Alongside Goldeneye, it was the OG multiplayer.

Corridor Digital has taken the popular game franchise and gave it a twist. Mario Kart Skate features CD’s very own VFX guru, Wren Weichman as Luigi. Locked and loaded on a Boosted Boards skateboard, Luigi sets out on a dangerous race to beat Mario’s fastest time. Who knew Downtown LA had such crazy obstacles?

I asked Luigi Wren how many hours he spent on Mario Kart Skate. Let’s just say the 60fps made it quite time consuming.

“I spent a stupid amount of time working on VFX for this video. At least a few hundred hours. Probably half of them in the final week. I didn’t sleep much. Sixty frames per second adds almost 3 times the workload of a typical video.”