2019 Can Still Be Your Year- 10 Ways to Turn it Around!

At the start of each year, we all tell ourselves how this year is going to be different. This is the year that we’ll finally make a change for good; we’ll get done all the things that we’ve been putting off and pick up new habits to be the happiest, healthiest and best versions of ourselves. However, it rarely goes like that- and by April, most of us have slipped back into our old ways. Now, at the end of the summer, if you’re reflecting and looking back over the year so far, you might find that you haven’t achieved anything you set out to do. If this is the case, don’t wait until January and do it all again, take action now. With over four months left of the year, it is possible to turn it around, smash your goals (or at least make progress) and look back knowing that you made 2019 a good one. Here’s how you can go about it!

1. Start a health regime

Starting a health regime in January is pretty tough. The cold weather and short days mean that we naturally want to spend our time indoors, eating, and not doing much! It’s far easier to make changes now while it’s warm- since we tend to eat less and move more in the summer anyway where we’re outside more, now is a great time to start making positive changes. Look online for healthy, fresh, and tasty meal ideas and fall in love with cooking and feeding yourself incredible food. Take up a sport, join a gym, or get active in any way which suits you. It could be bike rides, long dog walks or swimming. By the time the new year rolls back around, you could have shed a decent amount of excess weight, toned up your muscles and generally be feeling much more energetic and healthier- so why wait?

Start a health regime

2. Travel

Travel opens your mind, not only is it fun and exciting but you get to experience things that you could never have imagined. If you’ve not traveled in years and are finding the idea a bit daunting, book a shorter break-even two or three days is enough to explore a new destination and make memories. Travel can also tie in well with your health plans- you could pack your Never Summer Snowboards and take a road trip to the mountains to enjoy some snow sports, or you could go on a cycling holiday. Even with just a regular getaway chances are you’ll be doing a lot of walking, which is great for your health. Try not to let money hold you back if you can only afford to do something cheap then do it cheap! Go camping, backpacking, or stay in motels. It doesn’t have to be luxury hotels or Michelin star restaurants to be rewarding.

Winter wonderland roadt rip from Boise to McCall, Idaho

Winter wonderland roadt rip from Boise to McCall, Idaho

3. Take up a new hobby

Hobbies help to break up the ‘work, eat, sleep, repeat’ cycle. They can build skills and allow you to meet new people. Think about the sorts of things you enjoy, then either buy the materials you need and teach yourself using the internet or join a local group.

4. Connect with others

The people in our lives are incredibly important, but it’s easy to lose touch. We spend our days working, keeping the house in order and running errands which doesn’t always leave time for much else. But we must prioritize, it’s the people we have in our lives that make it worthwhile. Make time to see the ones you care about, if you’re single and looking for a connection then be proactive, don’t just wait for a relationship to fall in your lap as it might never happen. Go out with friends, join dating sites, and put yourself in situations where you’re likely to meet new people.

5. Make your home beautiful

Home is where the heart is, and should always be a place we find to be cozy and comfortable. Decluttering your space, decorating, and organizing it can be beneficial to your mental health. Even if you’re not particularly house proud, a coat of paint, a few plants dotted around and fresh new bedding are all things that will make you feel good and enjoy your surroundings.

Simple home improvements to add value to your home

Simple home improvements to add value to your home

6. Adopt a pet

You should never adopt a pet on a whim, but if it’s something you’ve considered and feel you’re able to do, then it’s most definitely a way to bring joy into your life. Go to a shelter and give an animal there a second chance, shower them with love and you’ll receive so much happiness in return. Pets are great for mental health; they can give life a little focus and direction. Especially if you suffer from conditions like depression, as you now have a reason to get up, go on a walk, change their bedding or whatever it may be to care for them. Stroking a dog or cat can lower blood pressure, but caring for any animal can be rewarding.

7. Volunteer

Most of us are in a position where we can help others and make a genuine difference in the world. You might feel like you need lots of money and/or power to do this, but it’s not the case at all. Your time is incredibly valuable, and many charities rely on this to continue with the great work that they do. Not only will volunteering help a cause, but it will make you feel good as well. It can help you to realize just how good you have it and see your life from a new perspective.

Volunteering at Creciendo Juntos School in Costa Rica

8. Improve your job prospects

Are you in a bit of a rut with work, or feel like you want to progress or even change careers completely? This is a long process but getting started puts you in control. Chances are you’ll need to get qualified in a new subject or improve your knowledge in the area you’re in, so education tends to be the first step. Consider signing up to an online education course so you can get the qualification you need, even if it takes you a few years at least you’ve taken that first step (which is often the hardest!)

9. Find new reading material

Books open up a whole world of opportunity; they really can help you to think in new ways. Many people report that certain books have changed their lives, so go in with an open mind. Read some self-help books, and you might find you’re able to see things in a new way or overcome an obstacle that’s been holding you back. If you’re short on time, try audiobooks that you can listen to while you’re exercising, driving, or working.

10. Set goals

Finally, consider setting new goals. Don’t wait until January, consider right now what you want and need to do to make positive changes within your life and write them down. You can always revisit them in the new year, hopefully, by then, you’ll have made a good start on them making them easy to continue.

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