Studio Planner is a great option

If your buddy is a bit of a slob, this is the ideal present for them. It’s a great gift for your naughty and nice list’s organizational freaks.

Metallic Jeffree Star Straws

It is better to obtain Jeffree’s seal of approval on a product than one of the biggest names on YouTube?

Souffle by Babe Australia

It’s always nice to support a female-owned business, and these lovely gifts are a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

“Hip Flask” by YES Studios

The hot mess in your life could be like this present, too. Hip flasks may be a lifesaver for those who need them the most.

Tans are my favorite.

This is one of our favorite recipes, and the color payoff is fantastic.


You can’t go wrong with this Zoeva palette as a present for your female friends. No matter what your skin tone, this foundation’s warm caramel tones will look great on you.


In addition to looking great on your bathroom counter, this beauty item genuinely improves the texture and ‘bounces’ off your skin, making it an ideal present for anybody who cares about their complexion.

The Lips of a Pillow Talker

Among Charlotte Tilbury products, this lipstick/liner pair comes close to grabbing the top place on our wish lists for Christmas presents (a puppy will always be number one).

Incredibly Helpful Devices

In other words, this is exactly what it says on the box. If we’re being honest, this present is helpful, and the packaging is much cuter than your grandmother’s sad set!

Gift Set of Three Skincare Lines

Trilogy offers some of our favorite mixes of Rosehip Oil, and we’re smitten with the gift set since it has a slew of Trilogy favorites in a generously sized beauty case.

The Babes’ sleep roller and Courtney

When going to sleep on Christmas Eve, even the grownups still need a little extra assistance (i.e., me). Using this Courtney + The Babes essential oil roller is the best remedy.

Girl Power Socks by DOIY

Your friends may wear this as a daily reminder of how awesome you and your fellow women are. Moreover, they’re so adorable folded up!

24-Karat Gold Dust by Jane Iredale

This gold dust may be used as a highlighter, an eyelid pop, or even mixed with cream products for the ideal shine. It’s one of those under-the-radar cosmetic firms that consistently release fantastic goods.

Sunglasses with Cat Eyes

Eternally chic, a cat-eye-shaped pair of sunnies will flatter most face shapes, making it an easy gift option!

Body Shop Headband with Reindeer

You can add a little holiday cheer to her skincare regimen by gifting her this extra AF headband from The Body Shop, which comes with many small masks for her to sample!

Mask of Sand and Sky

This mask, from an Australian cult company, is the one you’ve probably seen all over your social media, and yes, it’s that fantastic.

The Areaware – Dusen Dusen Puzzle Jigsaw

It’s the perfect way to make your buddies crazy this Christmas season.

Bath and Body Works Batiste Gift Set

The perfect present for the dry shampoo enthusiast in your life.

Rosé Helen’s Hill, 2022 by Lana

Lana’s Rosé is the ideal holiday present for the person who has everything, thanks to its Instagram-worthy bottle and refreshing flavor of summer.

Mixing Device for Cocktails

Teal and gold, oh my. This is a must-have if you’ve got a drink cart in your living room.

JEFFREY STAR Cosmetics Hand Held Mirror

‘Hello, how are you, and welcome back to my channel,’ will be the first words that YouTube devotees hear when they open this gift on Christmas morning.

Bungee cords

Fans of KUWTK know that Booby Tape is the secret to recreating some of Kim K’s most memorable looks.

I Was Forced to Do It by Prosecco

What’s Christmas without a tipple or two…or 60 if your GF is keen enough to try every recipe in this book.

Candles scented with Mary Grace

This candle is the ideal present for the more sophisticated women on your Christmas list. In addition to the gorgeous peony combination, there’s nothing better than receiving it in this adorable tiny home.

Perfume Making Workshop

So now you have all the necessary gifts on your list and it is time to wrap them up. Our perfume making workshop online customization platform allows you to have the freedom to pick among hundreds of lovely designs and styles, so you can definitely customize your perfume. We provide a wide range of beautiful packaging options at very affordable prices. The customized gift boxes, which come in many different patterns and styles, will certainly be a special gift for your loved ones.