Finding out you are going to be a father is one of those life-altering moments you’ll remember forever. And, whether you’re still processing the shock of this is a long-awaited moment, one thing is sure – you have to celebrate!

Luckily, nowadays, you have lots of options. You can gather your friends and loved ones and throw a nice, backyard party or you can go all out and celebrate impending fatherhood with a “dadchelor party”.

If you are in this happy situation, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate reaching that next level in life:

1. Dadchelor Party, but at Home

The Dadchelor Party is quite a recent term and it came as a reply to baby showers. But, if the baby showers focus on the mommy-to-be and her bundle of joy, on a dadchelor, you celebrate the little time you have left without a bunch of new responsibilities on your shoulders.

Now, some expectant dads go all out on their celebration and turn this into a weekend of booze and bar hopping with their friends. Not to say that this can’t be a fun experience, but if you want to be mindful of your partner (who won’t be able to drink for the foreseeable future), you may want to tame things down a bit and throw your dadchelor at home (yours or one of your friends’).

The good news is that you can still celebrate with homemade cocktails, have a barbeque, and share fatherhood tips and tricks with your friends who have already gone through this.

2. Throw a Gender Reveal Party … With Fireworks

Gender reveal parties may look like a totally American thing (and they are, for the most part), but you can tailor them to your style if where you live people aren’t familiar with the style.

Let’s take the UK as an example – here, people are not as keen to cut cakes that reveal pink or blue and most of the guests won’t appreciate the standard activities we see at this type of party. Still, if you want a celebration that lets everyone know you are going to be the father of a boy or girl, you can have one that everyone will enjoy.

So how about a gender reveal party with fireworks? Brits love a good fireworks show and, if you live in the Manchester area, you have easy access to a great firework shop.

3. Celebrate (with) Your Partner

Once the initial shock wears off and you understand the magnitude of what’s to come, it’s also the best time to acknowledge your partner’s efforts in all of this. After all, you will be her support during pregnancy and her go-to person during the baby’s first years.

So why not celebrate the moment together? It can be a celebration with friends and family or you can keep it intimate, between just the three of you. Now is the best moment to strengthen your bond and reassure her of your love and appreciation.

Plus, it doesn’t need to be something boring. You can use the occasion to take that trip she kept postponing for “a better time,” or you can go out and celebrate in style while reminiscing about your beginnings. Overall, it’s important to be there for her, since things are going to change quite a lot in the following few months.

Key Takeaways

First-time fathers are often overwhelmed when they hear the news, which is normal. But you can turn things around and celebrate with friends, family, and (of course), your partner. A new baby is on the way, and that is the most wonderful thing in the world!